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+ Mental Health Professionals, Social Workers
+ Physicians, Surgeons, other Doctors
+ Dentists and Dental Providers
+ Optometrists and other Eye and Vision Specialists
+ Chiropractors
+ Dietitians and Nutritionists
+ Hospitals
+ Podiatrists
+ Nurses (RN, LPN) and other Nursing Service Providers
+ Respiratory, Developmental, Rehabilitative, Restorative Service Providers
+ Audiologist, Speech-language, other hearing specialists
+ Clinics and Health Centers
+ Assistants, APRNs, PAs
+ Technicians and other Specialists
+ Companions, Doulas, Nurse's Aides
+ Pharmacists and Pharmacy Techs
+ Other Health Professionals
+ EMTs, Paramedics, Emergency Personnel
+ Rehab Units (Mental and Physical)
+ Respite Care Facilities
+ Residential Treatment Facilities
+ SNFs, Assisted Living, Hospice, Intermediate Care
+ Managed Care Organizations
+ Case Management, Intervention, Foster Care, LEA, Public Health
+ Multi and Single Specialty Groups
+ Health Care Residents and Students
+ Pharmacies, Blood Banks, DME, other Suppliers
+ Buses, Ambulances, Coast Guard, other Transports
+ Medical and Dental Labs